Tim Duffield is a driven sales professional with a clear purpose: to have an unrivalled, positive and rewarding impact on the sales process for his clients. This means providing a balance of putting in the hard work, ensuring the customer is at the center of every decision and placing honesty at the forefront of every communication.

Committed to working closely with each and every client, Tim is experienced in providing both tactical and strategic solutions to clients’ property needs. A proven sales professional, he sets and monitors campaign goals and progress carefully and is highly responsive, and when required adapts a campaign in order to help his clients achieve the optimum result. There is no such thing as “set and forget” when you have Tim working for you.

Tim understands that selling or buying a home is arguably one of the biggest, high-involvement decisions on one’s life and therefore the important role of stakeholder engagement and open communication in making the process as stress-free and rewarding as possible. Tim will always communicate with integrity, providing honest feedback and advice, a trait often in short supply, yet refreshing in real estate. It’s this, along with his unrelenting perseverance and energy throughout the sales process that consistently has his clients report that he is unfailingly-willing to “go the extra mile”.

Before his career in real estate, Tim gained a wealth of experience working with a number of national and multinational companies across a broad spectrum of industries including sales, home building, property improvement and more. He is also a previous business owner, operating his own residential home-improvement business for over 10 years, which provided an invaluable insight into value-add strategies for pre-sale.

Tim feels privileged to play such an important role in arguably the highest involvement decision people make in their lives; buying and selling their home or investment property. It’s this belief that helps him deliver for his clients’ time after time.